Energy Controls

Energy Controls Services

Providing bespoke solutions for automated control systems covering BMS systems, PLC controls, Metering and Sustainability driven projects.


Ohmega Energy has the capability and experience to handle a diverse range of project sizes and complexity to meet your sustainability and/or BEMS projects. Whether this requirement is for an off-the-shelf control panel or a full building management system, including design, software programming and site installation then we are able to provide a level of customer service and support which goes beyond normal expectations.

As a ‘one stop shop’ we are able to provide a full bespoke automated control system not only for BMS systems but for PLC and other associated control systems.

Our workshop allows us to manufacture control panels at a fast pace while allowing us to keep a good control of the quality of our products. Each panel is built with the client in mind, meaning that our panels are easy to install, have sufficient clearance for field wiring and are future maintenance requirements.